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Ongoing Creative Yunnan Culture Industries Expo 2018

The Creative Yunnan Culture Industries Expo 2018 is in full swing. Ethnic cultural products with local characteristics will be best presented.People of Yi ethnic group make embroidery in Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture. They embroider the clothes with images of plants and animals. Chuxiong's Yi embroidery was listed in the first batch of intangible cultural heritages. It is also a shining point of Yunnan's culture industry.Many children attend calligraphy competition to make their talents utilized. Meanwhile, people can appreciate more masterpieces of calligraphy there. Lovely and cute handicraft dolls symbolize 26 minorities in Yunnan province. Of course, you can admire Yunnan’s gorgeous scenery in a different way, which are printed on clothes, phone shells and post cards. Various products about National Southwest Associated University are being displayed on the expo. I am steadfast that you won’t regret if you go.

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