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Delicious wild mushrooms, a typical local cuisine in Yunnan

As Virginia Woolf puts it, “one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Today we are gonna show you a typical local cuisine in Yunnan:wild mushrooms. Walking into Yunnan Mushuihua Wild Mushroom Trading Center, people can smell a strong scent of wild mushroom wafting in the air. Looking around, you will meet sorts of wild mushrooms, such as russula virescens (青頭菌), tricholoma matsutake (松茸), truffle (松露) and so on. Gourmets in Yunnan have been flocking to restaurants to savour the unique flavours of premium wild mushroom, especially the prized boletus.Of course, fresh mushrooms tend to have a lot of dirt stuck to them, so they require cleaning before cooking.Two cooking methods are highly recommended, stewed and sauteed.

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